Mr Thun: timeless design

Three times winner of the Compasso D’Oro, starting with 2004 in the Interior Hall of Fame in New York: maybe this would be all it takes to describe Matteo Thun, designer and visionary architect.

Graduated in architecture in Florence in 1975, he moved to Milan where he encountered Ettore Sottsass, with whom he started one of the most fruitful partnerships, leading to the creation of the “Memphis” group. Viewed as one of the cultural phenomena amongst the most influential designers of the 80s, at its core, the group proposes an experimental approach to the concept of industrial design. Its works and projects distinguish through the pure geometric shapes, the vivid colors as well as the use of innovative materials.

Memphis group

A cross-reference par excellence to the Pop culture, to the celebration of “normality” in a large-scale modern society: “the great lesson of Sottsass was to do things as simply as possible. And this is very difficult to achieve because the trickery is that simplicity becomes oversimplification,” declares Thun today.

After leaving the Memphis group in 1984, he founded Matteo Thun + Partners, an architecture, interior and product design firm, with offices in Milan and Shanghai.

Edel_weiss Residence, Matteo Thun & Partners

Despite the years gone by, Thun’s architecture is still all about simple and pure gestures, put at the service of everyday existence far beyond the present moment, which is all encapsulated in the concept of healthy living”, that particular type of well-being fostered by a good harmony with the surroundings. A touch of creativity, the use of technological innovation and a 360° sustainable approach represent the cornerstones of his creative process, his mantra.

Congress Hotel, Movenpick, Matteo Thun & Partners

An active presence in terms of international hospitality and residential, retail, urban design and master-plan projects, the studio proposes to provide durable solutions with a holistic approach: “Our strategy is different: it’s called timeless. To us, a good project comes down to simplicity, sustainability and a long lasting style.

Pergola Mountain Residence, Mattei Thun & Partners

Consequently, for Thun design means to give a soul to a space; it means to calculate a synthesis between the aesthetic, the functional and the aggregating value on long term.

Davines Village, Matteo Thun & Partners

And the solution is always different.