Designed in Venice

There are materials that tell the story of places far better than words. As a matter of fact, the walls of red bricks, the shutters of green wood, the zinc of the gutters immediately bring to mind the images of Venice, its narrow streets, the houses overlooking the canals and the refined care with which the local craftsmanship beautified the exteriors of this magical city.

In particular, Zinc is deeply connected to the entrepreneurial fabric of the area. In fact, in the industrial center of Porto Marghera, from the 1930s, the factory, where Zintek is now produced, worked the raw material brought from Sardinia, in order to transform it into a flexible and easy-to-work rolled sheet metal, already used throughout Europe in the building and architecture sector.

Today, that same factory produces a material, which can be considered the heir of zinc, or better said, the zintek®, a zinc-copper-titanium alloy that, in addition to being malleable and easy to work, is particularly resistant without the need for protective treatments. Factors that make it practical and reliable, especially in a context, like that of a lagoon, in which buildings are constantly in contact with water.

This is the case of the Molino Stucky, one of the most important examples of industrial buildings of the 1800, transformed in 2007 into a five-star hotel. Given the historical importance, the restoration of the building required special attention for the original structures and materials, such as the zinc of the cladding, replaced in the reconstruction works by zintek®, which has preserved the appearance of the historical facade. Similarly, the rolled sheet metal was chosen for the cladding in the recovery of another symbol of Venice, the old factory of the Conterie on the Island of Murano, now converted into a dwelling complex.

To merge these works, the desire to join past and future, values always brought forward by the companies of Porto Marghera. The industrial district, which this year celebrates its (first) 100 years, has in fact hosted and hosts companies that, just like Zintek, create innovation starting from the local tradition and exporting it all over the world.

Zintek, in particular, thanks to the total control of the company’s internal supply chain – which follows the material from the fusion of raw materials to the production of the rolled sheet metal, and then accompanies it in the application in architecture – reinforces and renews the link between production and the city of Venice and its industrial (and industrious) area, from which it was never diverted.

So, for all the good reasons, zintek® can be defined as a product not only Made in Italy, but also Designed in Venice.